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Bathroom Fittings
Heater Lamps
Heated Towel Ladders

> HE13

> HE71 (coming soon)
> HE72Q (coming soon)

> HE30-1 (coming soon)
> HE13-2C (coming soon)

> ETW6 (coming soon)


> Bench Mount Basins (coming soon)
> Freestanding and Pedestal Basins (coming soon)
> Glass Basins (coming soon)
> Inset Basins (coming soon)
> Semi-Recessed Basins (coming soon)
> Undermount Basins (coming soon)
> Wall Mount Basins (coming soon)


> Freestanding Baths
> Stone Baths (coming soon)
> Clawfoot Baths (coming soon)
> Drop In Baths (coming soon)
> FE1788-SPA Felino Drop In Spa

> AQ828S Aqua Freestanding Corner Spa (coming soon)
> CL823S Calista Freestanding Spa (coming soon)
> GM844S Gemini Freestanding Spa (coming soon)

Kitchen & Laundry

> Sink Care & Maintenance
> Undermount Sinks (coming soon)
> Inset Sinks (coming soon)


> Bevelled Edge Mirrors
> Mirrored Cabinets (coming soon)


Shower Heads
> CB+250 Ceiling Mounted Shower Head
> Ottimo Block Wall Mounted Waterfall Shower Head

Shower on Rails
> Generic Shower on Rail
> Duo Shower on Rail

> Omega Shower on Rail

Hand Showers
Shower Fittings
> Bath and Shower Sets
> Shower Rose

Shower Systems
> QDA8100 Quadra Integrated Shower System
> SP8101 Spin Integrated Shower System

> QDA02 Integrated Shower System (coming soon)
> SP02 Integrated Shower System (coming soon)
> OMG02 Integrated Shower System (coming soon)
> OTT02 Integrated Shower System (coming soon)
> KUB02 Integrated Shower System (coming soon)

Shower Enclosures
> 1200x900mm Enzo Shower Enclosure
> 900x900mm Murano Shower Enclosure
> 1200x900mm Emilio Shower Enclosure
> 900x900mm Lino Shower Enclosure
> 1200x900mm Lino Shower Enclosure

Bath Screens
> VE501 Vetro Bath Screen
> CHR3P Crystallo Bath Screen

Shower Trays, Niches and Bases
> EziLay Shower Tray
> EziLay Shower Niche
> SMC Self Supporting Shower Bases


Basin Mixers
> Basin Mixers/Tall Basin Mixers
> ED100 Eden Basin Mixer

> ED110 Eden Tall Basin Mixer
> KU100 Kubica Basin Mixer
> KU105 Kubica Waterfall Basin Mixer
> KU110 Kubica Tall Basin Mixer
> OT100 Ottimo Basin Mixer
> OT110 Ottimo Tall Basin Mixer
> ZE100 Zen Basin Mixer
> Basin Sets

Wall Spouts
> SP090 - Spin Wall Spout

Floor Mount Tapware
> CG8092 Spin Floor Mount Bath Mixer with Handshower

Kitchen Sink Mixers
> Kitchen Mixers
> Chevron Sink Mixer
> ED120 Eden Sink Mixer

> KU120 Kubica Sink Mixer
> OT120 Ottimo Gooseneck Sink Mixer
> OT121 Ottimo Tall Swivel Sink Mixer
> Sink Sets
> Sink Mixer with Pull Out Spray

In Wall Mixers
> In Wall Mixers/ In Wall Mixers with Diverter
> ED130 Eden Wall Basin Mixer

> ED140 Eden In Wall Mixer
> ED150 Eden In Wall Mixer with Diverter
> KU140 Kubica In Wall Mixer
> KU150 Kubica In Wall Mixer with Diverter
> OT130 Ottimo Wall Basin Mixer
> OT140 Ottimo In Wall Mixer
> OT150 Ottimo In Wall Mixer with Diverter
> ZE140 Zen In Wall Mixer
> Wall Spouts & Wall Spout with Diverter

Other Tapware
> SP160 - Spin Wall Top Assemblies
> Wall Top Assemblies
> Washing Machine Stops


> Outlet Valve Installation Instructions
> Inlet Valve Cleaning Maintenance
> Floor Fixing Bracket

Close Coupled Toilets
> CT1277-140 Allure S Trap 140mm Toilet Suite (coming soon)
> CT1277-220 Allure S Trap 220mm Toilet Suite (coming soon)
> CT1276P Allure P Trap Toilet Suite (coming soon)

Wall Faced Toilets
> CT-1094 Avante Toilet Suite
> CLT-002 Ego Toilet Suite

> CT-1012 Infinity Toilet Suite
> CT-10100 Kubica Toilet Suite
> CT-1092 Zamora Toilet Suite (coming soon)

Floor Pan Toilets
> In Wall Cistern K301
> CB-1088 Kali Pan Toilet (coming soon)
> CB-10100 Kubica Pan Toilet (coming soon)
> CLST-014 Quattro Pan Toilet (coming soon)
> K5080 Push Plate (coming soon)
> K5034 Push Plate (coming soon)
> K5210 Glass Push Plate

Wall Hung Toilets
> Wall Hung Toilet Installation Instructions

Toilet Parts
> Close Coupled Toilet Seats
> Wall Faced Toilet Seats


> Corner Vanities (coming soon)
> Floor Mount Vanities (coming soon)
> Wall Mount Vanities
- Phoenix Wall Hung Vanity Drawer Removal
> Side Cabinets (coming soon)


> Shower Grates (coming soon)
> Pop Up Wastes (coming soon)
> Bottle Traps (coming soon)