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Casa Lusso WaterMark bathroom products

The WaterMark certification is used in relation to water supply,
sewerage, plumbing and drainage goods. All products are

tested to comply with specific specifications and standards

before they can be WaterMark approved, therefore you

can be confident in the quality of your product.

The regulations of WaterMark products depend on each state.

Most states require compliance with an MP52 (Manual of

authorisation procedures for plumbing and draining products).

This may relate to some or all plumbing and drainage products

and may or may not require such compliance to be certified by

the application of a specific certification mark.

The Plumbing Code of Australia includes the conformity

requirements in relation to WaterMark Level 1 & 2. Who

will progressively be introducing the legislation of each State

and Territory to replace the MP52.

The two WaterMark levels are as follows:

WaterMark Level 1 – an audit program for higher risk products

WaterMark Level 2 – a test type program for lower risk products.