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Casa Lusso WELS example

In 2005, the Australian government introduced the Water
Efficiency Labelling and Standards scheme, also known
as WELS. Because of this, products that use water must be
tested in a laboratory under standardised conditions in
order to appoint a star rating score to show the product's
water efficiency (between 1 and 6 stars). The WELS water
rating label is similar in appearance to the energy rating
label and allows consumers to compare products and
rewards manufacturers and retailers who make and stock
water efficient models. The WELS scheme was initially put
in place to help reduce the amount of unnecessary water usage.


Under the Scheme, Showers, Tapware and Toilets are amongst

the bathroom products which must be WELS compliant.


By using a water efficient shower head, as opposed to a standard shower head, you can reduce your water consumption by about 40%. A standard shower head uses between 15-25 litres per minute of water, while a 3-star shower head use 6-9 litres per minute. Another benefit is that as a result, you also use about 40%-50% less hot water, meaning you save on your gas or electricity bill too!


Water efficient taps can cut the amount of water used from 15-18 litres per minute down to about 2 litres per minute. WELS ratings apply to taps over basins and sinks, but not to ones over baths. This is because the amount of water used to fill a bath is going to be the same regardless of how fast the water is flowing.


Toilets in Australia are required by WELS to meet a certain level of water efficiency. An average flush is calculated for each toilet and for the toilet to be WELS compliant; this average can't exceed 5.5 litres per average flush. A standard, traditional toilet will use about 12 litres per flush, while modern water-efficient toilets use, on average, less than 4 litres per flush.


If you're thinking of buying a water-using product, or would just like to know a bit more about how the WELS scheme works, take a look at the official WELS website, which includes a database of all WELS registered products.


The Casa Lusso WELS licence number is 0422


How to find your Casa Lusso product:

1. Visit the WELS website and click on 'Finding a WELS product'

2. Choose the category that your product will appear under
e.g. Tapware - 'Tap Equipment', Toilets - 'Lavatory Equipment' and Shower Heads or Hand Showers - 'Showers'

3. Type your product code into 'Model Name'

4. Click Search, then the information will appear